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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TeX implementations in the Cloud

The more mature products (2014)

Both the above have collaborative-editing features.  Both have free access for limited projects, but require subscription for larger projects or collaborative teams.

Others of varying levels of activity (2014)

  • FlyLaTeX (self-hosting; free and open-source)
  • TeXTouch (iTunes, iPhone editor, can compile when online)
  • Verbosus (with Android and iOS apps)
  • Blue Publications
  • LaTeXLab - requires your Google login details :-( 
  • Pine from Sayahna.orgIn alpha test (a document processing system in the cloud that makes use of MediaWiki and its resources)
  • CloudTeX from
    XeLaTeX and LuaTeX supported.   Working prototype available to testers. 
  • A different CloudTeX Seems to have gone quiet as of 2013.
  • SpanDex
    XeLaTeX and LuaTeX available, but limited Unicode fonts.
  • ScribTeX  (phased out as of Feb 2013, in favour of ShareLaTeX, but still exists)
  • MonkeyTeX (4/2014)