Thursday, May 25, 2006

Appaya Dikshita and Nilakantha Dikshita

Appaya Dikshita (b. ca.1520,
d. 1592) transfers his copy of the Devimahatmya to his grand nephew Nilakantha Dikshita (1580--ca. 1644), just before he passes away. This happened at Cidambaram.

The account of Appaya's deathbed transfer of his
cultural and spiritual heritage to the twelve-year-old Nilakantha is
given in the biographies of Nilakantha, the
Srinilakanthadhvaricaritam of Appaya, the
Sriappayadiksitendravijaya, both composed by Appaya's
nineteenth-century descendant Sivananda Yogindra. The former text
is translated and reprinted by Pierre-Sylvain Filliozat,
Oeuvres Po'etiques de Nilakantha Diksita I (1967), pp.7, 349. P-S Filliozat also
gives information from the latter text and other sources,
(ibid., 4).

My thanks to Yigal Bronner for drawing my attention to this image.
We're working to find out its source. Posted by Picasa


  1. I came across this blog,while searching for my ancestral links.
    The image is in the Gopuram(tower) of the Sankara madam(mutt) in Rameswaram,Tamilnadu. It is a new sculpture whilst an earler image of Sri.Appaya Dikishtar is in Adayapalam his birthplace.

  2. Hi,

    I am a direct descendent of Nilakanta dikshita (11th generation). I have seen this image of Appaya and nilakanta before but did not know that it was devi mahathmiya book. Thanks for the info. Take a look at my blog entry:

  3. Dear that you are hugely qualified in make it a point to study Yadavabhyudayam by Sri. Vedanta Desikar and commented upon by your may feel as if youu are directly speaking to him.....You are an immensely blessed soul Anand......looking forward to studying your own Samskrit poems and Vyaakhyas in the near future.....great going......Keep it up.....Sundar