Friday, October 28, 2011

Oneiric Ocelot upgrade woes

My main desktop machine got in a terrible mess during the Oneiric update.  Could have been my fault - I started the update and then left the machine for two days.  When I got back to it, it was frozen, and on hard reboot it wouldn't boot.  Finally, I got it back by booting from a USB stick and then using chroot to get a pseudo-login as root on the hard disk.
Having a network connection, that enabled me to clean up the system with dpkg and apt-get, so I fetched all the latest versions of everything and updated and upgraded tidily.  But still couldn't get a boot because of an obscure network problem with connecting to the bus.  Finally solved by these (weirdly written) instructions:
Now up and running, amazingly.


and another thing...

The compiz grid feature developed a fault about putting a window on the top-right of the screen.  Solution is here:

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